About us

In 2011, seven conservation organisations comprising the Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales, The Nature Conservancy – Australia Program, Queensland Trust for Nature, Nature Foundation SA, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Trust for Nature (Victoria) and the National Trust of Australia (WA), established the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA). Together ALCA’s members represent private landholders already responsible for protecting over 200,000 hectares across Australia.

Recognising that private land conservation efforts in Australia appear fragmented across states and lack synergy, a key driver behind ALCA’s formation was to bring together key participants in private land conservation in order to develop a consistency of approach, and promote, explain and execute conservation programs on private lands.

In its role as a national voice for private land conservation, ALCA’s mission is to ensure that private land conservation makes the greatest possible contribution to the achievement of national and state level conservation goals.