The Australian Land Conservation Alliance is a public company limited by guarantee.

It brings together the leaders of Australia’s most important on-ground conservation organisations.

Each ALCA member organisation has a seat on the Board which is held by their CEO or a Senior Executive.

This brings builds not only cooperation and partnerships but also accountability and transparency at the most senior level across Australia’s key on‐ground conservation organisations.

ALCA members work in diverse ways across diverse landscapes united by our vision of a future where nature thrives Australia‐wide.


Our strategic purpose is:

“Maximising the collective impact of organisations having similar purposes by supporting and enabling co-operation, collaboration and sharing between those organisations and their members.”

We do this by:

• working with our members and stakeholders to raise the profile of and support for private land conservation nationally.

• supporting a $100M national workforce.

• representing more than 3000 landowners managing privately owned land for conservation.

• providing flagship initiatives to build workforce capacity, resilience and development.

• advocating for national biodiversity policy and regulatory reform (such as taxation law reform) to benefit private land conservation.

• encouraging commercial models that fund conservation and land restoration to underpin sustainable economic development.

• building dialogue with agricultural, pastoral and farming communities and Indigenous land and sea holders and Traditional Owners.