Organisation: Queensland Trust for Nature

Address: GPO Box 162, Brisbane, Queensland 4001

Ph: 1800 23 77 24 or 0428 017 611

Email: info@qtfn.org.au

Website: www.qtfn.org.au

The Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) is a not-for-profit organisation established to protect Queensland’s natural environment and biodiversity and is an independent self-funding organisation that operates a revolving fund that is used to buy, covenant and resell land with high conservation values.

The QTFN develops partnerships with other organisations to identify, acquire, manage and protect Queensland’s unique biodiversity by targeting properties in rural and urban fringe areas, with a high priority on linking wildlife corridors and increasing buffers to National Parks.

The QTFN is uniquely positioned to apply a commercial conservation model to identify, enhance and protect some of Queensland’s most at-risk ecosystems, many of which are too small to be considered for National Parks.

The QTFN has preserved more than 100,000 hectares of Queensland by acquiring properties of varying size, from 22ha up to 74,300ha. The majority of purchases have been important sites of less than 85ha.

The QTFN does not lock up land. It promotes positive interaction on covenanted land to improve environmental, social, economic and educational outcomes and adds value to properties, where possible, through:

• The creation of business opportunities, such as ecotourism
• Revegetation and environmental enhancement
• Support for community groups and research organisations
• Sustainable property development and reconfiguration of titles

The QTFN is also expanding into other areas of environmental stewardship and management by participating in biodiversity offset projects.