Organisation: Nature Foundation SA

Address: 32 Holden Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia 5007

Ph: (08) 8340 2880 or 1300 366 191

Email: admin@nfsa.org.au

Website: www.naturefoundation.org.au


Nature Foundation SA is an apolitical non-government environmental organisation that has, since 1991, invested in saving, protecting and restoring South Australian landscapes to ensure nature survives and thrives in our state. To achieve this, Nature Foundation SA invests in a broad portfolio of activities including:

  • land purchase and management for conservation outcomes
  • water purchase and supply for environmental watering through our Water For Nature program
  • community engagement, education and citizen science activities; and
  • creating enduring partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations in SA and beyond

Doing this work often involves practices that are new, site-specific, multi-disciplinary and helping to lead the field in conservation management not only locally, but internationally.

Of particular importance to Nature Foundation SA is our commitment to South Australian ecological science research to ensure that we accumulate vital knowledge about our own ecosystems. This knowledge underpins every aspect of Nature Foundation SA’s work to ensure we are making the most efficient, effective and valuable contributions to conservation.