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Organisation: National Trust of Australia (WA)

Address: The Old Observatory, 4 Havelock Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6872

Ph: (08) 9321 6088

Email: trust@ntwa.com.au

Website: www.nationaltrust.org.au/western-australia

The National Trust of Australia (WA) works to raise knowledge, awareness, understanding and commitment to Western Australia’s natural, Aboriginal and historic heritage. The Trust achieves this objective through the conservation and interpretation of heritage places it manages on behalf of the community and government of Western Australia, and through its education and learning programs.

The National Trust of Australia (WA) was established in Western Australia in 1959 by a group of concerned citizens who identified the need to promote heritage conservation. This group grew rapidly and included some of the most prominent citizens in the State. Some five years later an Act of Parliament was passed in the State Parliament which formally established the Trust as an independent community based organisation.