ALCA welcomes passage of Nature Repair Bill

The Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) welcomes the outcomes for nature that can be achieved through the government’s Nature Repair Bill, passed last night in the Senate.

The national peak body for private land conservation said that alongside stronger environmental laws and cornerstone public investment, a high integrity, high quality national biodiversity market can deliver urgently needed outcomes for the environment.

The Bill will help address the significant funding gap for nature in Australia by creating a voluntary national biodiversity market to stimulate private investment in biodiversity conservation and restoration.

ALCA CEO Dr Jody Gunn said the private land conservation sector will have a key role to play in delivering outcomes for nature under the Nature Repair Bill.

“Our members and the thousands of landholders they engage with are on the frontline of halting and reversing nature loss. The critical work they do stewarding, restoring and protecting land provides a critical public good for the benefit of all Australians.

“A nature repair market will provide financial opportunities for more landholders including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organisations, and farmers to protect and restore nature on their land – enabling us to scale up the work that is already being done to restore endangered ecosystems, build the protected area estate, tackle invasive species, and use nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change.

“There is unprecedented ambition and demand to reverse nature loss, and what matters now is what we do. We have no time to lose. ALCA will continue to work with the Government to support approaches that can turn the tide on Australia’s biodiversity scorecard, and stop a sharp decline in our social and economic wellbeing,” she said.

The Nature Repair Bill has been a significant component of ALCA’s policy efforts since the Bill’s inception. A number of important ALCA recommendations have previously been adopted, including ensuring the bill is relevant and accessible to all landholders; strengthening biodiversity integrity standards, and explicit reference to long-term environmental protection. Overnight, we have now seen a further win for nature with the exclusion of offsets.

“Following the passage of the Bill in the House later this week, ALCA and the private land conservation sector will continue our work on framework elements that will deliver a high integrity market that drives outcomes for people and planet,” said Dr Gunn.



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