Tony and Annette at Banyula sanctuary. Photo by Annette Ruzicka, supplied by Odonata Foundation.

ALCA submission to the 2024-25 Pre-Budget process

The 2024-25 Budget is a pivotal opportunity for the Federal Government to deliver the support needed to reverse the decline of Australian nature.

Despite the 2021 State of Environment Report highlighting the serious and urgent need to arrest the accelerating decline of Australian nature, we have yet to see a significant expansion in Federal Government expenditure dedicated to reversing our decline in biodiversity.

Whilst headline policy commitments such as ‘no new extinctions’ and ‘protecting 30 per cent of Australia’s lands by 2030’ are promising, Australia has not yet delivered the required expenditure to achieve these commitments.

If Australia is to be serious about protecting, managing, and restoring our unique biodiversity and natural environments, then budget allocations for biodiversity – less than half a percent of the Federal Budget – are currently inadequate. The scale, urgency and expected impacts from collapsing biodiversity upon the wellbeing, food security and economic livelihoods of Australians requires a much greater funding response from the Australian Government.

ALCA continues to be an active and willing partner and stands ready to scale up our efforts to deliver for nature. Our submission outlines what, together, we can and need to deliver for nature and people.

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