ALCA supplementary submission to the Australian extinction crisis inquiry

Since ALCA’s first submission to the Inquiry in September 2018, the overall trajectory of decline for Australia’s nature and has continued. Two key issues - securing a high ambition in forthcoming Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations, and delivering on Australia's '30 by 30' commitments - are now even more critical than ever.
ALCA supplementary submission to the Australian extinction crisis inquiry

Two key issues are even more pertinent now than at the commencement of the inquiry. The upcoming Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP15 negotiations offer the globe – and Australia – our best yet opportunity to realise a higher ambition on international commitments to nature. 

The Australian Government’s recent commitment to a domestic ’30 by 30’ target (protection of 30% of Australia’s land and 30% of Australia’s seas) signals the recognition that serious action on nature  is needed. The delivery of this commitment will be critical.

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