Blended Conservation Finance Reference Guide

Blended Conservation Finance Reference Guide

Written by Dr Adrian Ward, Accounting for Nature & Marnie Lassen, Trust for Nature (Victoria)

The primary purpose of this Guide is to help Australia’s conservation sector bring a broader range of funding to land conservation projects. Specifically, the Guide is designed to provide readers with an easy to understand and practical explanation of key conservation finance terms, approaches and structures. It also has a focus on how to blend income from different sources into one project.

The intended audience of this Guide is land conservation project developers – particularly Australian not-for-profit organisations – who are interested in finding funding for their work beyond traditional government and philanthropic grants, but who have limited skills and knowledge to do so.

The Guide is structured to provide readers with:

  1. An introduction to blended conservation finance;
  2. A process for working through the conservation project development cycle (from concept to investment pitching phase)
  3. Tricks, tips and checklists for developing and pitching a blended finance model