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Economy, Investment and Finance

ALCA submission to the 2023-24 Pre-Budget process

ALCA’s submission seeks the delivery of a range of key policy initiatives through 2023-24 Federal Budget, including dedicated funding to deliver the Government’s commitment to protect 30% of Australia’s lands and 30% of Australia’s seas by 2030.

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Conservation Covenants

ALCA submission to the South Australian Government review of Heritage Agreement Policy and Guidelines

Heritage Agreements are the cornerstone of private land conservation in South Australia and provide critical protection for many of the state’s native species.

The SA Government has an important opportunity to strengthen their support for Heritage Agreements – and the landholders that manage them – to deliver better outcomes for South Australian biodiversity.

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Economy, Investment and Finance

ALCA submission to the Employment White Paper

ALCA’s submission highlights three key themes:
• We must prevent environmental collapse if we wish to safeguard our productivity and avoid social and economic regression.
• Investment in the green economy – including nature-based solutions to climate change – is an opportunity to grow our sustainable economic output and productivity.
• Ensure that the operating environment facing nature sector employers is, at the very least, agnostic rather than discriminatory.

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