Conservation Finance Scoping Paper

10 key recommendations which if implemented could close the conservation finance gap and ensure a healthier Australia for future generations

Conservation Finance Scoping Paper

Written by Dr Adrian Ward, Accounting for Nature & Marnie Lassen, Trust for Nature (Victoria)

This paper is part of a conservation finance project being undertaken by Trust for Nature (Victoria) on behalf of ALCA. The authors provide 10 key recommendations which were developed based on the research conducted to develop this Paper and consultation with expert conservation finance practitioners. The recommendations are divided into three categories: (a) enabling factors for further investment, (b) scaling up direct conservation, and (c) scaling up indirect conservation.

If implemented, Australia could significantly lift the funding available for conserving natural assets, particularly those found on private land. In so doing, we will be closing the conservation finance gap and ensuring a healthier Australia for future generations.

While several of these recommendations focus on government-led action, there are also many opportunities to share the responsibility of these actions with NGOs and the private sector.



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