On Thursday 24 Nov and Friday 25 Nov at the National Australia Bank Arena, 700 Burke Street Docklands Melbourne, ALCA hosted the 2016 National Private Land Conservation Conference.

alca-conference_2016The conference provided the forum to hear about the latest innovations, opportunities and successes in private land conservation from conservation leaders, practitioners and supporters.  Keynote speakers provided an inspiring international perspective. Three fantastic pre-conference workshops were held on Wed afternoon 23 November and bird watching comedian and conservation advocate Sean Dooley entertained delegates at the conference dinner on Thursday night. 

Download the program for abstracts and bios, and see below to download available conference presentations.

Session 1 – Welcome, Launch and Keynote Address

  • Traditional Owners, Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Welcome to Country
  • Sasha Courville  – Welcome by National Australia Bank
  • Victoria Marles (Chair)  – Welcome and Introduction to the Conference
  • Laura Johnson – Accelerating the Global Impact of Private Land Conservation: Notes from the US experience
  • Penelope Figgis – A Global Overview of Private Land Conservation

Session 2 – Private Land Conservation, Now More Important Than Ever

  • Jane Hutchinson (Chair) – The Growth and Increasing Importance of Private Land Conservation
  • Malcolm Thompson – An Australian Government Perspective on Private Land Conservation
  • Anthony Watson, and Ariadne Gorring – Kimberley Model of Indigenous Led Conservation
  • Hugh Possingham – Conservation Planning and Prioritisation and its Relevance to Private Land Conservation
  • Jim Adams and James Link – Opportunities for Private Land Conservation through Landcare
  • Mike Jebson – Private Land Conservation Across the Ditch

Session 3 – Where’s the Money? Financing for Private Land Conservation

  • Gerard O’Neill (Chair) – Financing Private Land Conservation -Challenges and Opportunities
  • Amanda Martin – Trends in Conservation Philanthropy in Australia
  • James Bentley – National Australia Bank: Banking on Natural Capital
  • James Ensor – Driving New Ways of Conserving and Sustainably Managing Natural Environments
  • Deborah Rogers – The True Cost of Perpetual Protection: Lessons from California

Session 4 Conservation Deals: Innovations and Outcomes

  • Ben O’Hara – How to Do a Conservation ‘Deal’
  • Jim Radford – The Night Parrot, Back From the Brink
  • Todd Berkinshaw – Reef Aid: Public Private Partnerships for the Great Barrier Reef
  • Rich Gilmore – Prosperity in Times of Scarcity: Making Water Markets Work for People and Nature
  • Atticus Fleming – A New Model for Conservation: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Concurrent Session 5A – Initiatives in the Policy Landscape

  • James Fitzsimons – Current Policy Influences for Private Land Conservation in Australia
  • Barry Traill – Implications of Rangelands Leasehold Reform for Private Land Conservation in WA
  • Jason Irving & Stuart Paul – Directions for Private Land Conservation in the SA Pastoral Zone
  • Sue Higginson – NSW’s Biodiversity and Private Conservation Laws: What’s Happening
  • Julie O’Connor – Local Government Leading Private Land Conservation in Southeast Queensland

Concurrent Session 5B – New Thinking in Old Landscapes

  • Damien Bell – Innovations in an Ancient Land
  • Kevin Wood – Conservation on Working Farms: A Victorian Perspective
  • Beth Mellick – Community-driven Landscape Restoration: Has it Worked and Where to Next?
  • Beth Mellick – Video – Grassroots Landscape Restoration in southern Australia “Investing in communities driving landscape change”
  • Andrew Tribe – The Hidden Vale Project – A Cooperative Venture
  • Mark Bachmann – The Role of Wetland Restoration on Private Land in Threatened Species Recovery

Concurrent Session 6A – Leading the Charge: Recent Research

  • Doug Robinson – Session overview: Latest Research
  • Benjamin Cooke – What Next? Private Land Conservation After the Conclusion of a Market-Based Conservation Scheme
  • Helena Puszka, Alexander Forman, Joshua Alberto Prado – National Analysis of Land for Wildlife
  • Mat Hardy – Exploring the Use of Revolving Funds to Protect Nature on Private Land
  • Geoff Park – What Value Does Native Vegetation Add to Properties?
  • Alex Kusmanoff – The Importance of Strategically Framed Conservation Messages
  • Ben McGowan – What’s Driving the Growth in Private Conservation?
  • Hayley Clements – Tourism as a Driver of South Africa’s Privately Protected Areas
  • John Rodger – Returning wildlife to the Australian landscape for healthier self-sustaining ecosystems

Session 6B – Personal Motivations and Drivers

  • Nerida Bradley – Nature conservation … It’s Personal
  • Matthew Selinske – Understanding the Motivations, Satisfaction, and Retention of Landowners in Private Land Conservation
  • Julian von Bibra – Conservation from a Farmers Perspective
  • Phil Collier & Robin Garnett – Creating a Support Network for Conservation Landholders
  • Ben Callison & David Hartwell – People, Wildlife and Private Land Conservation – the Wildlife Land Trust Experience
  • Keith Bradby – Inspiring Privately Led Land Conservation Across Gondwana Link


ALCA thanks the National Australia Bank, the Norman Wettenhall Foundation, The Gainsdale Group, the Australian Communities Foundation through the Melliodora Fund and Victorian Catchment Management Authorities for generously supporting the 2016 National Private Land Conservation Conference.