ALCA submission on Australia’s science and research priorities

ALCA recommends that the Government adopt “Environmental and Community Resilience” as one of its national science and research priorities, with the aim of building Australia’s capacity – especially its community-level capacity – to respond to the interconnected crises of climate change and biodiversity decline.

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Economy, Investment and Finance

ALCA media release: Nature Repair Market Bill

ALCA welcomes the introduction of the Nature Repair Market Bill to Parliament, stressing the importance of the Government’s role in building confidence in the market by outlining their biodiversity investment strategy as well as being a cornerstone investor.
ALCA is not supportive of the market being used to facilitate environmental offsets.

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ALCA submission to the Productivity Commission on the Future Drought Fund

Building environmental resilience prior to the disaster of drought will help mitigate its economic, social and environmental impacts.
After the disaster of drought, management activities – including, where appropriate, relevant, a transition to sustainable land use change – will help build resilience back into the landscape, and into communities.

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Economy, Investment and Finance

ALCA submission on the exposure draft of the Nature Repair Market Bill

ALCA continues to welcome a national biodiversity market that can deliver high-quality, high-integrity, and positive outcomes for the environment, and which sits alongside stronger environmental laws that protect much more of Australia’s remaining natural habitat.

With further strengthening, the Bill has the potential to deliver a successful nature repair market.

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