Economy, Investment and Finance

ALCA submission to the Employment White Paper

ALCA’s submission highlights three key themes:
• We must prevent environmental collapse if we wish to safeguard our productivity and avoid social and economic regression.
• Investment in the green economy – including nature-based solutions to climate change – is an opportunity to grow our sustainable economic output and productivity.
• Ensure that the operating environment facing nature sector employers is, at the very least, agnostic rather than discriminatory.

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ALCA submission to A new Australian drought plan

Environmental health and resilience at the landscape-scale is indivisible to the long-term sustainability, viability, and resilience of agriculture. As such, our environment and its unique biodiversity values should be recognised as an essential and direct beneficiary within Australia’s national drought policies and plans.

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ALCA supplementary submission to the Australian extinction crisis inquiry

Since ALCA’s first submission to the Inquiry in September 2018, the overall trajectory of decline for Australia’s nature and has continued. Two key issues – securing a high ambition in forthcoming Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations, and delivering on Australia’s ’30 by 30′ commitments – are now even more critical than ever.

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