Expressions of Interest invited for ALCA’s PLC2020 conference

Each year the Australian Land Conservation Alliance brings together a conference program that showcases the diverse people, places and practices that contribute to the conservation and health of land.

Hosted by the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, the 6th national ALCA conference, PLC2020: URGENT ACTION, will be held 13-15 October 2020 at Darling Island, Sydney, New South Wales.

📢 ALCA invites EOIs to be on the PLC2020 program.

We welcome EOIs from people and organisations representing the land sector and conservation, investment and philanthropy, farming and production, Indigenous land management, government, engagement, research and many more.

Our ambition is for PLC2020 to help define the path of strategic conservation action through the 2020s towards a sustainable future.

Already declared as the UN ‘Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’, there is growing awareness that the 2020s must be a decade of action to make our landscapes more resilient to climate change, drought and more extreme weather events.

Can we make this Australia’s decade of landscape conservation, restoration and recovery?

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