ALCA Submission on Agriculture

ALCA's submission to the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources: Inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030
ALCA submission to the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources

In this submission, ALCA proposes four key enablers as critical to the success of a national framework driving productivity and encouraging world leading land management practices and environmental stewardship. ALCA sees these enablers as central to the success of the “co-ordinated national framework” set out in Aspiration 2.1 of the NFF Roadmap.

ALCA believes that, in order to drive long-term improvement in the productivity of Australian agricultural businesses, it is essential to squarely address the underlying issues putting those businesses at risk: the health and function of our landscapes and natural systems.

ALCA members have extensive, relevant expertise in relation to each of the key enablers described in this submission. We are committed and look forward to working collaboratively with farm businesses, government and others to deliver these.



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