Australian Land
Conservation Alliance

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A growing force for nature

Over the last decade, the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) has grown from an informal coalition into Australia’s peak national body representing organisations that work to conserve, manage, and restore nature on private land.

We represent and advocate for our members and supporters, fostering the growth of private land conservation and enhancing its impact, capacity, and influence, and ultimately contributing to  a healthier and more resilient Australia.

ALCA is at the helm of an expanding membership that is actively addressing some of the nation’s most critical conservation challenges. This includes initiatives that restore endangered ecosystems, build the protected area estate, combat invasive species, expand conservation finance, and deploy nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change.

In a time where nature decline and biodiversity loss threaten life as we know it, the need for collective action and systemic change is fundamental. ALCA plays a crucial role in supporting and enabling its members to scale their impact by advocating for good policy, securing significant investment, fostering a capable sector, cultivating a pipeline of leaders, and, at the core, building a community that understands and values the role of private land conservation.

Together, we are a growing force for nature.  

Our members work across:



3 Million+

Square kilometers of land