What we do for our members

Leadership, advocacy and influence

ALCA plays a crucial role in providing the coordination and influence necessary to mainstream nature and lift up its status in our structures, institutions and laws.

We deliver strength of a collective voice, especially at a national level, and raise the profile of private land conservation as a practice, and as a critical contributor to the Australian economy.

We advocate for ambitious policy and regulatory frameworks that empower private land conservation, drive public and private investment, and, at the core, build a community that understands and values the role of private land conservation.

ALCA brings forward the vast on-ground experience, expertise and solutions from across our membership and sector, and are recognised as a trusted advisor to business, government and industry stakeholders. Recent and current external advisory group or memberships include:

Connecting and convening

ALCA convenes a suite of knowledge sharing and thought leadership events for members and the broader sector.

ALCA members benefit from direct engagement with member-only forums and roundtable discussions, specialist working groups, and expert briefings on emerging opportunities. Broader sector development events provide further opportunity for learning and capacity building, and facilitate connections with potential partners and intersects with different spheres of influence.

ALCA’s flagship event, the National Private Land Conservation Conference, stands as Australia’s foremost gathering for land conservation. It remains a pivotal platform for exploring opportunities to expand nature investment, combat the declining state of our natural environment, and meet national commitments as a signatory to the Global Biodiversity Framework.

The conference offers leadership opportunities within the sector through exclusive partnerships for members. These partnerships allow for input into conference content and provide increased brand exposure.

About our members

ALCA’s diverse and expanding membership operates across varied landscapes, engaging in land management, restoration, and protection efforts. Our member organisations play integral roles in regional communities and economies, generating employment, attracting significant investment, and safeguarding native habitats. These efforts have numerous positive effects on community well-being and food security.

The current decade is crucial for mobilising resources and addressing the urgent nature crisis. To truly make a difference, we must unite globally, nationally, locally, and within our sector. Recognizing this imperative, ALCA remains committed to nurturing a capable sector capable of creating catalysing change.

Together we are stronger.